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A whole new e-Shisha experience.


Exhale Shisha has been created by a pair of shisha enthusiasts who want to share the social aspects and tobacco free benefits of shisha with a wider audience.  Their e-shisha pens are the product of many years of development resulting in a design and style that reflects their own enjoyment of shisha smoking.

The Exhale brand was established in 2009 with the opening of Exhale Sheeshateria; a shisha lounge based in the heart of Digbeth, Birmingham. During the last four years it has grown in size and popularity to become a market leader and a brand renowned by shisha smokers everywhere.  Each year many people have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic middle eastern experience courtesy of Exhale Sheeshateria.

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exhale shisha pens flavours
kiran chavda exhale shisha
“Having spent much time, effort and investment on our manufacturing facility, our first line of products are without question the most superior product available on the market to date.”

Kiran Chavda, Director
Exhale Shisha


At Exhale Shisha we offer a wide range of high quality disposable electronic shisha pens for you to enjoy wherever and whenever you like.   These totally portable pens can easily be carried around in a shirt pocket or handbag and can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors as the vapour is totally odour and smoke free.

Our aim was to create the number one premium shisha pen on the market to date. Everything, from the printed stainless steel case, finest crystal tip and professional presentation box has been chosen by us to create the best possible e-shisha product and experience. 

exhale shisha pens flavours
kiran chavda exhale shisha
“Our premium product features the highest quality battery, stainless steel printed case, crystal LED tip and FDH, approved flavours to not only look and taste great but have a quality feel and finish.”

Peter Gibson, Director
Exhale Shisha

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How do they work?

When you purchase a shisha pen from Exhale Shisha you will choose from our range of FDH, , approved shisha flavours.  These disposable pens contain your chosen flavoured liquid which is vapourised - There is no burning process involved which is why we prefer to refer to the practice of using a shisha pen as ‘vaping’ instead of ‘smoking’.

How long do they last?

Each disposable shisha pen lasts for up to 500 puffs though of course it depends on the size of the puff.  Once all the liquid has been used the crystal LED will start flashing to alert the user it is empty, the pen can then be appropriately disposed of and you can try another of our enticing flavours.


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